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Avengina International - 'Era Blue'
current build: Rover 0.6.1 'Karl Heinrich Edition' (ROugh VERsion)
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Welcome to Avengina!

Avengina is a Java / JOGL based realtime 3D graphics engine. The appearance of the avatar is similar to a game engine, but Avengina is designed and optimized for presentation purposes within a webbrowser.
The software can optionally be executed with Java Webstart outside the browserwindow supporting several screen resolutions and fullscreen mode.

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The official gate to the "Abandoned House Of Lost Souls" at your Website:

Call for data:

Dear visitor: Be one of the those who help to enhance the MyOGL.org database!

1. launch Mr. MyOGL
2. press the 'SHARE'-button above the painting...
3. follow the instructions at MyOGL.org

Latest news:

Offtopic: Globizer.Net:

New job for RevolverEngine: Build globes from your own images at www.globizer.net!

Karl-Marx-Monument Interaktiv 3D

'Dor Nischel', the famous attraction of Chemnitz/Germany:

...modeled by MetaMotion...
...dungeoned by Karma Implementor...
...rendered by Avengina.


Offtopic: RevolverMaps 2.0 Beta:

The Flash Revolver Engine enhances the RevolverMaps service (globe in the sidebar):


Art Exhibition: +++ St Elmo in the PixelDome +++

Mark Stephen Meadows' "Saints Series" rendered by Avengina.

It's beautiful, enter here!

Josh Lowensohn talks about Avengina. [Have a look]

RevolverEngine rendering RevolverMaps Beta:

After the last update to Rover 0.5.12-0065 on the 4th of July I took the time to implement a thing apart from this project. Nevertheless I'm about to announce it here, you'll see: It's an engine and it's 3D: The Single-Purpose-RevolverEngine.

Have a look at the official site at http://www.revolvermaps.com and setup your own interactive visitor-globe!

Avengina goes Into the Pixel:

The Into the Pixel art exhibition 2006 and 2007 is now available as a virtual 3D gallery running on Avengina.

[run] [screenshots]

Gina and the 2nd place:

Bad Karma at DTA@fmx/08. No cash for Avengina. Spotted a brandnew bug instead. Live and at high resolution: The Crash. What a mess.

Found excellent speakers at the fmx. Anyone who's involved in games, effects, animation, 3D... is advised to have a look at this yearly event. Like here.

(shots: C. Heiner)

Gina and the nomination:

Project Avengina is nominated for the Deutsche Telekom Digital Entertainment Awards @ fmx/08. Presentation and the awards ceremony will take place on May 6th at the FMX in Stuttgart/Germany.


System initialization: New algorithms replacing critical code for scenegraph optimization. Hope it will fix the problems with several NVidia renderers. In addition the new build will provide a higher rendering performance on most onboard graphics controllers as well as a faster bootup on most systems.


enables you to share your Mr. MyOGL results with others. For more details follow the link...

Update: Rover 0.4.9-0051 - 'An important security update'

bug fix:

  • undefined rendering results or browser crash after reinitializing the applet version

Runs stable on all my systems. No more crashes. It's declared stable.

Update: Rover 0.4.8-0046 - '1st Anniversary Edition'
higher rendering performance/faster initialization; I hope it will work fine. It's an alpha build in beta stage.

You're invited to join in the contest! [more]

Introducing Era Blue

Mr. MyOGL released!

GLSpitter has been renamed and moved to Mr. MyOGL last night:
Check http://mr.myogl.org to inspect your OpenGL (Java1.4 required).

Update: Rover 0.3.7-0031

bug fixes:

  • browser crashes when the applet is stopped by requesting a new url
  • browser crashes after relaunch


  • faster boot up
  • memory optimizations

Update: Rover 0.3.6: "In the house now: The guestbook!"

bug fixes:

  • character encoding: Gina should be ready now for worldwide use
  • shadow computation: sporadic flickering of the scene
  • possible incorrect rendering results if shadows are disabled


  • eventlistener handler
  • font handler
  • plugin: book/guestbook
  • texteditor
  • new classes for handling texts
  • menu management
  • object tracking
  • VBO deletion handler

  • 2007-08-05: Update: performance optimizations (CPU up to 90%, GPU up to 25%)
  • 2007-07-16: Update: performance optimizations (~30%, CPU)
  • 2007-06-29: Rover 0.3.5: new webstart-option with fullscreen support [...]
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