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Projects Around Avengina

Karl Marx Monument Interaktiv 3D Mark Stephen Meadows: Saints Series Revolver Maps
Karl Marx Monument Interaktiv 3D "36 paintings of saints - each saint being done in watercolor, then again in mixed media / digital."

Enjoy Mark Stephen Meadows' Saints Series in a virtual exhibition:

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The Revolver Engine is a highly specialized Java software renderer constituting the technology basement of the Revolver Maps client side. The Revolver Maps are interactive 3D visitor globes. You'll find an example and the globe-configurator at revolvermaps.com.
Avengina Into the Pixel MyOGL.org launch Mr. MyOGL
The Into the Pixel Art Exhibition is an exploration and celebration of the art of the video game, curated by interactive industry veterans and experts from the art establishment. Project Avengina Into the Pixel shows the 2006 and 2007 winners in an interactive 3D art exhibition by arrangement with the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. MyOGL.org is the interface to Mr. MyOGL's database. It allows you to publish your Mr. MyOGL results or to view the results of others.
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Mr. MyOGL is an online OpenGL inspector. It produces HTML code listing supported OpenGL extensions, display modes, GL_MAX values and some other information directly in your browser without a manual installation. Mr. MyOGL requires Java1.4 at least.
M.E.P. 3D - official site The Abandoned House Of Lost Souls  
The Abandoned House Of Lost Souls

The official demo. You'll find a compilation of my poems and an echo of my first steps in 3d modelling here...
M.E.P. 3D - Normans domicile

Virtual production design for the film M.E.P. running on Avengina

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