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Current build:

Rover 0.6.1 Update 1'Karl Heinrich'


software/graphics/website/poetry/guitar: Daniel Seifert (Karma Implementor) 2006 - 2009

Contact Information:

Karma Implementor
c/o Daniel Seifert
Strasse der Nationen 12
09111 Chemnitz




www.revolversweeper.com - 3D Minesweeper on a spherical polyhedron
www.buttons.social - social media buttons
worldclock.revolverclock.com - An interactive world clock on a 3D globe.
www.the-i.de - Your IP address

Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy has been created by Karma Implementor in order to demonstrate the commitment of the company (Karma Implementor) to protecting the privacy of users of this website. This paper explains how and for what reason information of users of this website is collected, published and utilized.

If someone requests a file from avengina.ki-e.biz (usually by visiting avengina.ki-e.biz with a web browser) no more information is collected than is typically expected to be collected by a website (IP address, referer, browser information, OS information). This logged information will be used by Karma Implementor for debugging purposes, internal statistics, quality assurance but will not be published except of being hacked and/or stolen.

General Information on Cookies
A cookie is a small amount of data stored on the clients hard drive containing information about the client but no personal information about the user. Cookies are used to keep user information during a session for instance. Most wellknown browsers support cookies and provide options to disable the cookie service, to clear all cookie data and to inspect the cookies set by a certain domain.

Cookies set by this Website
The webbased 3D graphics engine (Avengina) sets a cookie named userid identify the client. Scenes and settings can be restored basing on this cookie. A cookie named cookieconsent may be set for end users form the EU.

Third Party Advertising Cookies
Avengina.ki-e.biz uses Google Adsense as a third-party advertising service to serve ads when you visit certain avengina.ki-e.biz webpages. Google Adsense may use cookies to serve ads based on your prior visits to a avengina.ki-e.biz webpage. In addition, Google uses the DoubleClick cookie which enables Google and it's partners to serve ads based on your prior visits to other sites on the internet too. You can opt out the use of the DoubleClick cookie by visiting Ads Settings. You can opt out Google's and third party vendor's use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting aboutads.info. Please find more information about the practices of the third party advertising company and your choices about not having this information used by this company at http://www.google.com/policies/technologies/ads/ and http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/.

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