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Avengina International - 'Era Blue'
current build: Rover 0.6.1 'Karl Heinrich Edition' (ROugh VERsion)
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Old News

Avengina Rover 0.3.5-0017:

  • new webstart option with fullscreen support, improved mouse navigation, several screen resolutions
  • performance upgrades
In the house now:
  • The Magnificiant 5!

Project release:

The virtual production design of Normans domicile on www.mep3d.de.


browsable graphic system analyzer (Has meanwhile been upgraded to Mr. MyOGL)

AvenGer ist am Start!



Rover 0.2.5-0014:

  • GPU performance upgrades: up to 35% more power at lighting and shadow pass (hardware dependent)
  • CPU performance upgrades
  • zoom function


Rover 0.2.5-0012:

  • collisiondetector debugged/upgraded
  • shadowbug fixed
  • slightly higher shaderperformance
  • more efficient pluginhandling
  • performance optimizations
Upcoming release:
  • M.E.P.3D - Normans domicile

Rover 0.1.2-0007:

Feature added:

  • specular reflections (updated screenshots available)


Rover 0.0.0-0005:

  • CPU-performance upgrade: ~30%


Rover 0.0.0-0004:

  • one of these reinit-bugs fixed
  • bug on shadowpass fixed
  • CPU-performance optimizations: up to 40% faster rendition of shadows

New stuff:

In the house now:

  • "Die modernen Gaslaternen"

Avengina and Linux - a story of success?

Well people:

After the first release on last Sunday I felt this latent need for having some vacation. So I've been truly lazy last week. But did I deal with Linux once more (Mr. Mander, I feel an increasing interest...) and did I do it just for fun, within the framework of processing an extrem vacationing, of course. Alright, let's have a look at some details of my test environment:

  • CPU: AMD Sempron 3000+ (Don't say a word!)
  • graphic controller: Geforce 7600 GS (AGP) controled by the lastest proprietary NVIDIA Linux drivers (OGL 2.0.2)
  • operating system: Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft)
  • VM: JRE 1.5.0-09

So have I made an attempt to webstart Gina on this platform. And what can I say! She did it! She did it at the first attempt and I love it! Some problems with character encoding left, but the important information is that the JOGL software as well as Gina and her rendering section are working fine. The performance seems to be excellent at first glance. A quick non dedicated benchmark (The GinaMark!) places the Linux performance second, curtly behind the Windows system (Take 10 percent as a general factor...).

Stay agog!


Rover 0.0.0-0003:

  • bug fixes and upgrades at init section

AVENGINA extends WWW implements BROWSABLE!

Dear spatialist!

I'm proud to meet you now in this my latest context. I think you're welcome, so now: How shall I expose what happened here: First I had a vision in the spring of last year. The birds were pleased and singing sitting on the awaking trees watching them being sensible pleased too. So as I saw the objects singing and as I saw the living springing I muttered into my winters beard. The vision: still a wraith and dwelling in my winters beard went wisperingly asking daily, knockingly claiming allnightly, claiming for a realization, asking for transforming her. So have I searched for capabilities and have I mused on potentialities and have I dared to make it as only I could!

The vision stays, is knocking on!
But for you the time is ripe to enjoy these young releases here!

Sir Karman, January 2007

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