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Run Demo - Launch Configuration

Gina and the abandoned house of lost souls
A different kind of Poetainment.

Minimum system requirements:

  • graphics card: GeforceFX (5th generation)/Radeon9500
  • CPU: 1.0GHz
  • RAM: 256Mb
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.5

  • fast internet access recommended

click to inspect your system

Launch as applet:
inside browser

Applet system settings:
(be aware: an office pc is not a gamer pc)

viewport dimensions:

texture quality:


For professionals only, notice:
The launch can't be successful if JOGL has been installed to your JRE.
Execution with Java Webstart:*
outside browser

The Webstart version supports several screen resolutions, fullscreen mode and an improved mouse navigation. Furthermore it should run on slightly higher performance.

Note for revisitors:
The engine as well as the JOGL binding have been updated recently. Clear Java cache if the engine freezes on boot or UnsatifiedLinkError occurs on startup!

*this version comes as an untrusted jar

Built-in controls

escmenu/backpage downlook downward2/middle mouse buttonzoom reset
cursor keyswalk/rotatespacejump3/mousewheelzoom out
shift+cursorrun/rotate fastccrouchmouselook around
page uplook upward1/mousewheelzoom in

Average performance

Test environment:
AMD Sempron 3000+ 2GHz/RAM:512 MB
Geforce 7600GS 256MB
WinXP SP2/Ubuntu 7.10 (View Mr. MyOGL result)
latest proprietary NVidia graphics drivers

measurements at CPU and GPU limit

The creator recommends:
For best performance and robustness the latest proprietary driver for your graphics card.
download: NVidia | ATI | Intel
Linux user: Have a look at Envy.


clicking on 'engage' has no effect ·install Java plugin
keyboard control fails on applet version Opera:
·click twice onto the canvas

Linux (Firefox):
·close browser and start again or try webstart version
·in most cases it works after switching to another application window, getting back and clicking onto the applet (...sounds good...)

fullscreen mode doesn't work on Mac ·I still have no solution (and not a Mac...)
the engine freezes on boot ·try to increase Java heap size
·update JRE
UnsatifiedLinkError occurs on startup (Webstart) ·clear Java cache [how to...]
Your graphics card matches the specified requirements, nevertheless the engine reports insufficient API support. ·Update your graphics driver. Note the recommendations above.

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